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This is a wiki where I'll basically just keep my lore on my science-fiction worldbuilding project, named Reborn Stars, organised.

Reborn Stars focuses on a galaxy which used to be populated with god-like empires hundreds of thousands of years ago, untill an event now known as the Extinctin happened, the largest mass-extinction in galactic history. Every technological species was wiped out, some historians even suspect that many much more primitive species were wiped out as well. Almost every trace of their existance waswiped out; megastructures, space stations, or planets. Only few precious ruins and traces on isolated and barren worlds remain, with only the very rare surviving structure in space. It is from these precious scraps that modern species had to base their entire understanding of the past on.

Regardless, new jump-capable civilisations have only been arising again in the last 500 years or so. As such, dozens of new galactic communities are rising, hundreds of star nations are competing with eachother to become the new dominant powers of their little parts of the galaxy, and to gain the technology the old precursors have left behind in an ever-expanding web of intrigue. These communities are isolated both by shear distance, but also by various... stranger things.It is on these communities, or 'settings' that my world focuses.

There is currently only 1 fleshed out 'setting'

Known Space: One of the oldest 'communities', in the galaxy, Known Space is rive with nations vying for power, resources and prestige.. Perhaps the most notable of these, as it is the one I focus on from a meta perspective, is the Commonwealth of Stars. The Commonwealth is a multi-species confederation, based on the values of cooperation, coexistance and mutal respect for eachothers values. They are currently a rising power in their sector of Known Space, but are still a long way from becoming a true galactic power. There are, of course, also other nations, some which are a less.. scrupulous than the Commonwealth.

Reborn Stars as as a whole can be described as somewhat hard science fiction, though there are many, many exceptions to this rule (Jump travel beign the primary one). I'd personally describe it as near the border of hard and soft science fiction.

Not everything on this wiki will be created by me personally, but if that is the case it will be mentioned at the beginning of the article.

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